Shareable says, “Nothing matters anymore but capturing dad’s love and attention.” And that couldn’t be truer for these babies who drop everything they’re doing and race towards their dad’s voice. There are lots of short clips in this video with different reactions that will melt your heart (and make you want to have kids of your own)!

The video starts off with a couple of brothers who are minding their own business, playing together, when all of sudden their dad is in the room! The second they see him, their faces brighten up, and the little guy on the right immediately makes a move to go to his dad.

Other babies raced to their dad when they entered through the door, wobbling their way to them. One of them wouldn’t even let his dad get through the door right away because he just ran up to him to hug his legs, tightly.

My personal favorite was the little girl who was crawling down the hallway when she heard her dad speaking, and the second she glanced up, an adorable smile overtook her face!

There are more reactions in between that you don’t want to miss out on, so here’s the video!