Now, could you imagine Celine Dion singing a beloved and classic Christmas song? In the video clip below, she’s done just that—singing the spine-chilling song, “The Christmas Song,” while giving it such justice. Listening to her sing the lovely tune is like taking a scenic drive on a Sunday afternoon or spending time with someone you love with your entire heart.

The performance was sung live at Rockefeller Centre, where the French-Canadian singer was surrounded by candles and Christmas decorations. Celine looks breathtaking in a gorgeous black dress and sings her song with such conviction and poise. It’s undoubtedly a sight to behold!

Give the video a peek below and feel the intensity that is Celine Dion’s voice. And if you’ve loved her performance, let us know in the comments! Additionally, don’t forget to like and share her solo at Rockefeller Centre with your loved ones, so they too can feel the powerful effects of this immensely talented woman.