People at Russo’s Supermarket were quite lucky one day when a worker decided that he would test out the mic in preparation for a concert that was scheduled to happen the next day. Guilherme Assuncao, more commonly known as Gillie, volunteered to run a sound check on the mic ahead of the big occasion. I don’t think shoppers regretted his decision to do so, at all. This visit to the supermarket would be something to remember.

Without notice, Gillie begins to sing “O, Holy Night”  and passerby couldn’t help but stop and listen, and then record this impromptu performance.

Everyone is saying that you don’t hear a voice like Gillie’s that often and so this was a treat to sore ears! When the man’s video was uploaded to Facebook, he became instantly famous! People were asking him to perform all around Boston; everyone has fallen in love with his melodious voice. And we’re sure you will love it, too!

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