It’s also hard for those who are at home, especially the children. As adults, we understand that if our loved one is deployed, they are doing everything they can to keep all of us safe. We miss them, but we appreciate their sacrifice, even if that means that there is an empty spot at the dinner table.

But, it is difficult for a small child to understand why their parent is missing on such an important day. This can make a child very sad, so much so that they may reach out to the one person they think can help—Santa Claus.

Kensley Penney’s dad had been deployed in Afghanistan for nine months when the Christmas season rolled around. Hoping to convince Santa to bring him home, she sang her song “Santa Baby, bring Daddy home to me,” sung to the tune of Eartha Kitt’s iconic holiday tune “Santa Baby.”

I have to admit that watching Kelsey ask for her father absolutely broke my heart. She could have asked for toys or something else, but she only wanted her daddy. Fortunately, in this instance, Santa was able to deliver! Have the tissues ready when you watch this video!

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