But, anyone who has raised children knows that that’s not reality. Some people may be able to make life look perfect in photos, but parenting is hard work. So much so, that sometimes new parents aren’t even prepared for what a baby will bring into your life.

Babies, in addition to being adorable little bundles of joy, are noisy and can get messy. For parents, sleeping in on the weekends and quiet, intimate dinners are a thing of the past. While your baby looks adorable in their cutesy outfit, chances are it will soon be ruined by spit up or a stinky diaper.

It’s the stinky diaper part that really got to the dad in this video. He wants to be a part of raising his adorable daughter and everything that comes with it—which means lots of dirty diapers. Well, he wasn’t quite prepared for just how a gross a dirty diaper could be.

He gets through it, but not without a lot of gagging. Parents and everyone else will get a good laugh from this hilarious video.

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