You might even use a fancy digital SLR on a tripod with a timer. Sure, it’s a hassle, but how often does your whole family get together? And that’s what Tyne Owen figured, so he used the opportunity of the sacred Christmas family photo to hide a secret message for someone special to discover.

Initially, the entire family wore shirts with letters that spelled out “MERRY XMAS,” but then, discreet changes were made in the middle of the photo shoot. Everyone knew exactly what was going on except for one young lady in the crowd. Not only did she know what was happening, but she also didn’t know that she was in for a very unexpected yet sweet surprise.

The hidden message is for Tyne’s girlfriend. Now, watch what happens when she discovers the message, below! Did you enjoy this festive video? If so, then don’t forget to like and share the post with family and friends!

Happy Christmas Eve!