Take the mother-son duo, in the video, below as a primary example. They both had the task of doing the mom-son at the groom’s reception, and they were beyond excited to share that moment together. What they did for their audience, however, not only gave everyone a great dance to watch but the two enjoyed their moment so much more! What did they do, you ask? They got innovative with their dance routine.

Instead of sticking to a slow dance, the pair breaks into a choreographed dance that had everyone woo-ing and cheering them on; watch what a great time the bride is having on the sidelines!

This concept isn’t new to weddings; the bride and groom are more and more open to having a little bit of fun when it’s their turn to take the floor and dance with someone special in their lives. This performance is just one of the ones that stick out! Both son and mama are in perfect sync and thoroughly enjoying themselves. Their dance put a huge smile on my face, and I hope it does the same for you!

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