Well, these two full-grown men—who didn’t even know each other—had that moment.

This reporter was interviewing a chicken farmer when the chicken farmer started laughing. Once the reporter heard his laugh, there was no stopping his laughter. Why? Because the chicken farmer laughs exactly like his chickens! If you don’t believe me, just watch the video, and listen to the chickens in the background!

The reporter laughs hard, making the farmer laugh even harder, bringing out his chicken-laugh, and it’s a never-ending laugh cycle. To clarify, his laugh is normal; it’s when he inhales that the chicken noise—the clacking they make—comes out. It’s undeniable!

At some point, the reporter is laughing so hard, he squats down and stays on the floor, bursting out in laughter.

I guess he was spending to much time around his chickens. If you want to hear their laughter (mainly the guy with the chicken-laugh) then here’s the video! Be prepared to laugh as much as these guys! I hope this made you laugh because here’s a sad fact: kids laugh 300-400 times a day, and adults? 17.5 times a day—not even a full 18!

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