One young woman, Kate McClure, is doing just that. Kate met Johnny Bobbitt Jr. on the side of a highway in New Jersey, after dark. She had run out of gas and had no money. This could have been a very dangerous situation, but fortunately, Johnny, who is a veteran, stepped up to help.

Worried for Kate’s safety in this particular area after dark, he walked the several blocks to the nearest gas station. He spent every penny he had, his last $20, to buy gas for Kate’s car. He walked back, put the gas in her car, and sent her on her way.

Incredibly grateful for Johnny’s kindness, she promised to return. She often brought him food, money, and clothing, but wanted to do more to repay him. So, Kate set up a GoFundMe page. When folks learned of Johnny’s kindness, they were more than willing to help out the homeless veteran.

“I truly believe that all Johnny needs is one little break. Hopefully, with your help I can be the one to give it to him,” she wrote. The GoFundMe totaled around $227,000 and Kate and Johnny plan on using the money to get him housing, transportation, and to pay off his debts.

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