It comes as no surprise that the dog wasn’t too keen to engage with the swan and luckily so because if it did, the swan might have attacked it in quite a severe manner. But, alas, the birdie had it out for the poor pup for absolutely no reason, and this is what went down.

The dog’s owner was in a park in Strasbourg, France, resting on a bench with her canine. Then, the massive swan makes its way over to the pair, with its wings spread out wide. It stands before the pup and gives one swift gesture towards it, as if to say, “Hey, you wanna fight?” The dog managed to stay cool, calm, and collected throughout, which leads us to wonder what the heck did the swan have to be so angry about?

Either way, the video is quite extraordinary, as I am sure you don’t see something like this every day! Have a little peek at the video below, and let us know your thoughts in the comments. Then, if it has peaked your interest, don’t forget to like and share the clip with your favorite people.

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