I also accept that they will require a significant amount of my time and attention—they deserve every bit of it. But, that doesn’t mean that some days I wish I could sleep a little later or go out to dinner every once in a while without wondering what the dogs are doing at home. They’re sleeping, most likely, but that doesn’t stop me from worrying about them.

All dogs want to spend as much time with you as possible, whether it’s cuddling, sleeping, walking, or playing. When you don’t have time for them, they may have something to say about it.

When the teen in this video gets ready to go out and leave her best friend behind, Zoe, the Great Dane, definitely has an opinion on the subject. She barks playfully, asking her human to spend just a few more minutes with her. She doesn’t get her wish, but she’ll forgive her human anyways because that’s what dogs do.

Watch Zoe in the video below as she tries to convince her teenage sibling that it should be playtime! Please like and share.

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