Evidently, Prentiss began to visit the cafeteria more often so he could see the beautiful woman who was helping serve food. Janice was, of course, happy to see him making these frequent trips. Then that Thanksgiving, when Prentiss went home for a holiday, Janice realized that it was tough to live without him and followed him to his family home 150 miles away. The professed their love to one another and were engaged in 1962; the engagement was announced in a newspaper.

But things didn’t end well for the couple. Soon after their engagement, Janice’s father gave her an ultimatum: She must break-up with Prentiss, or he will stop paying her college tuition. Janice had to get a college degree, so she agreed to her father’s wishes and called off the engagement and never saw Prentiss again.

Both Janice and Prentiss eventually met other people and moved on—they even got married. But, the two just couldn’t forget their first love. But fate had other plans for the two, and they met again, this time forever.

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