Cole LeBrant is a famous Youtuber and videos on his channel, ColeandSav, often garner millions of views and tons of positive comments. In addition to his Youtube fame, Cole is also a proud stepdad to little Everleigh. If this video is any indication, Cole and Everleigh have an excellent father/daughter relationship, and if Cole isn’t careful, the adorable little girl just may become more popular than he is.

Cole and Everleigh manage to take carpool karaoke to a whole new level. They bring not only their hilarious personalities and vibrant energy to the screen, but they have costumes! They first begin lip-synching to a country tune by a female vocalist while Cole is dressed in pigtails with a hot pink feather boa, fishnet gloves, and a pink headband. Next, a rap song comes on and Everleigh ‘makes it rain’ in the backseat. From each song to the next the duo manages to up their game and when it’s finally over, the two look bewildered about what just happened. I’ll tell you what happened – the best carpool karaoke I’ve ever seen!

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