Mary was called up on stage at an event to say a prayer before a dinner honoring caregivers. Everyone thought that she would say “Thank you” and take her seat, and allow the dinner to begin. But things didn’t go as expected, and we’re sure that everyone is happy about that.

Mary takes the stage and takes the chance to thank God for all that they have, and then ends the prayer with an “Amen.” Finished, right? Wrong! Just when we all think Mary is going to put the mic down and walk away, she stands there and says, “Ah, oh. Sorry God, as long as I have the microphone…” and then proceeds to give a funny speech about what it’s like to be old of age.

Her take on growing older day by day is a beautiful yet hilarious story, and she tells it with so much confidence and conviction. Thank you for sharing your humorous nature with us Mary, we’re sure everyone smiled.

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