The video begins with the little girl standing next to the front door. Her father, holding the video camera, talks to her about going outside, saying that it is too cold to go out, that she doesn’t have her boots on, and that it’s not the right time to go out and build a snowman. The girl’s response? An epic bout of babbling and hand gestures that imply that she doesn’t care about not having on any boots, she’s not worried about the cold, and that all she wants in the world is to go out, play in the snow, and build a funny snowman. The result? A whole bundle of laughs!

At the end of the day, who could say no to this adorable little kid! My guess is, her father grabbed her boots and the pair went out to have some well-deserved fun in the snow!

Give the hilariously cute footage a watch below, and if you’ve loved it, then be sure to like and share it with your lovely family and friends so that they too can have a little giggle!

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