Jody Thompson responded to a call in 2015 where he discovered a terrible situation of child abuse. An emaciated 8-year-old boy shivered in a trash can of cold water, his wrists tied with belts. His entire body was covered in cuts and bruises. Jody rescued the boy, took him to the ER, and stayed with the boy, whose name is John, through the entire night.

The next day, Jody applied to be a foster parent to John. He was already a father to two boys, then ages 15 and 8, and he and his wife, Jeannie, would find out within a few days that she was pregnant with another boy. But, this big family wasn’t done growing. About seven months later, John’s biological mother delivered a baby girl in jail and Jody and Jeannie became foster parents to her, as well. Jody and Jeannie later officially adopted both John and his sister Paizley. Today, they are a family of seven. Jody never planned to be the father of such a large family, but sometimes, the best things are those that we never even considered.

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