She frantically drove her brother to Rhode Island Hospital one afternoon and parked at the first spot she could find. Later, she found out that she was given a ticket of $30 for parking in the middle of a crosswalk. What she didn’t know was, the amount of the ticket had been tripled some days later. For that reason, she had to attend a court hearing, with Judge Caprio, in order to settle the fine.

The judge listened to the woman intently and graciously decided to shave off $60 of the fine, leaving her with the first amount of $30. Then, at the last minute, he asked her about her brother. When she admitted that he was recovering but is currently in rehab, Judge Caprio decided to drop the fine and admitted that this woman definitely needed someone to cut her some slack.

It is always so wonderful when people have sympathy for others, and this woman clearly needed it. If you agree, watch the video below, and like and share it with your family and friends.