Dillion quickly went in to see what the problem was and how he can help. Upon his arrival, he said that a lady was yelling, “Somebody help me, please! He’s stealing my kid, he’s kidnapping my child!” He knew that he had to call the police and ensure that both child and mom stay safe. Both Dillion and his co-worker left their respective work and called the cops, who managed to come to the scene and take over from there.

But what really surprised Dillion, and almost everyone else that has now heard this story, is that the following day, Dillion’s manager was upset with him for getting involved in the incident. The employee reports that he was told he should have continued doing his job. But all that mattered to Dillion in that moment, was the child’s safety.

A month long investigation into the incident prompted the Home Depot to fire Dillion because he violated the company’s safety policy. This was unjustified. In light of all the support Dillion had though, the store has since allowed him to rejoin their team, and he should definitely be applauded for his effort in helping save an innocent life.

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