Everyone knows what “Phantom of the Opera” sounds like, and it’s needless to say that any time you listen to it, it’s worthy of giving you the goosebumps—this is exactly why many people thought that Nicole wouldn’t be able to do justice to a piece straight from a Broadway musical. This performance though had a a twist—it was a bit of musical mixed in with a bit of rock. And so, it was right up her alley.

As the video starts, and Nicole steps onto the stage, you can hear that there’s pin drop silence in the audience—everyone’s probably nervous for the result of this risky decision. As soon as she opens her mouth to sing the first few words, all the naysayers were proven to be wrong! Boy, can Nicole belt out a good sound! We knew she was good, but we didn’t know she was THAT good!

Watch the performance in the video below. And if you enjoyed it as much as we did (or even were pleasantly surprised), then don’t forget to share this post with family and friends!