Michael is actually quite relieved to hear that Grandpa likes this home because that means that everything is going according to his plan. Yes, plan. In reality this house isn’t really for Michael and Bridgette—they’re not looking to move anywhere. They were letting Grandpa in on all the showings of the houses because they wanted to buy a house for HIM.

After giving his dad the full tour, Michael slowly eases into the fact that this house has already been bought for Grandpa, and the reaction they get out of Angry Grandpa is absolutely heartwarming. Get ready for the tears.

At first the father isn’t taking the key, insisting that Michael take it back because he feels he doesn’t “deserve” the home and that Michael and Bridgette need to invest in themselves, for themselves. Eventually, both father and son are seen hugging and sharing a very precious moment. They’re both in tears as the father tells his son how much he appreciates him. It’s such a beautiful moment caught on camera.