At 14-years-old, Sally Zheng was placed in foster care. Not surprisingly, she struggled with the transition and having her life uprooted and basically destroyed at such a critical point in growing up. During this incredibly difficult time, one man was there who helped her through and made things just a little bit easier. Police Officer Ralph Torres made a huge impact on Sally’s life and was the one person who stood next to her on the day she was placed in foster care.

They did not stay in contact, and twenty years later, Sally is a police officer herself. It is likely that Torres’ lasting impact could have helped her on that path. She had searched for Torres, hoping to thank him, but had not been successful. But, that’s all about to change.

As Sally lines up for roll call, a very special guest is waiting for her outside with a bouquet of flowers. Finally, she gets to thank the man who helped her so much all those years ago.

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