So, when you put the two together, they are truly a powerful duo. Their exceptional voices blend perfectly as they perform “The Prayer”. It’s hard not to be completely wowed by the performance, as Celine takes on the soprano part and Andrea tackles the tenor range.

Aside from many other talented singers, a man named Marcelino Pomoy has also covered “The Prayer”. It’s impressive to see Celine and Andrea perform, but Marcelino also has something very special to bring to the song. He begins the piece and takes on Celine’s part. He easily tackles the soprano part in perfect pitch, impressively hitting each of the notes. To sing like that is definitely a talent.

We would assume that as a soloist, he would sing along with a recorded voice or someone else performing the tenor part, but then Marcelino drops his vocal range and sings that part as well. Once again, he is pitch perfect. To sing like one legend is certainly a talent, but to sing like two legends in the same song is absolutely astounding.

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