Every year I have dedicated time to watching the show and voting for my favorites. Some years my favorite has won and other times it was a different act, but America always manages to select a true talent. You might think that after so many years, the pool of talent would shrink, but year after year, more unique and talented acts take the stage. Some a funny, some are dangerous, and some are downright astounding.

9-year-old Celine Tam is one of those acts that left the audience and the judges shocked and amazed at her talent. The diminutive girl was named Celine after the famous singer, but her parents could not have known that she would have the same talent and singing chops. Little Celine chose ‘My Heart Will Go On’ by the actual Celine Dion as her audition piece and blew everyone away with her brilliant performance of the song. Simon even joked that she could not have been the actual singer because it was just too good. I can’t wait to see how far this young singer goes in the competition!

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