Lydia Majette, Demetrius’ grandmother is the person recording the video, as well as the little one’s duet partner. Her influence has given this little boy an appreciation for gospel music and it’s clear that she has a passion for it as well. The beautiful music, as well as her own talent, has rubbed off on her grandson in the best way. It seems that the entire family has a passion for singing and gospel music. Lydia has three other grandchildren that also enjoy singing along. She just happened to film Demetrius on this particular day.

For any one of us, it’s easy to get caught up in our daily lives and worries. As adults, we carry a lot of pressure and expectations around with us. We have jobs, families, financial struggles, and even health issues to deal with. It’s easy to become overwhelmed and forgot all of the wonderful blessings we do have. Today, let little Demetrius, young and free of the difficulties of adulthood, remind us in his wonderful way that each of us is truly blessed.


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