Pit bulls are a loyal breed and will look after the family children and help keep them safe. On a nice day, Remayah Hernandez, a five-year-old girl from Florida was riding her bike in her neighborhood when she came across the neighbor’s Labrador who was running loose. She stopped to pet the dog, named Tank, and he attacked her, biting her face viciously. Her family’s Pit Bull, Trigger, heard her cries from the backyard, jumped the fence and attacked Tank, saving Remayah’s life. Tank was injured and later euthanized. This is not a happy ending, but I’m just glad that the little girl is okay.

We can learn a few things from this story. First, not all dogs are aggressive—each dog is an individual. Second, any dog can be dangerous and children should be taught to interact correctly with any dog, and should never be left unattended. Finally, it is an owner’s responsibility to keep their dog safely contained.

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