At first, we meet a-three-year old named Mila and we get to see her reaction to Adam’s impeding nuptials—a negative reaction, to be exact. Then, the video takes us to “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” where we meet the young girl and her mother. As they chat a bit, Mila admits her undying love, that her and Adam are boyfriend and girlfriend, and the fact that the pair will soon marry. Just then, Adam enters the stage.

He approaches young Mila carrying a pink rose and persists to pick her up. Mila’s reaction? Nerves! 100 percent nerves! She becomes very shy and essentially begs her mother to save her from Adam. Even while hanging out on Ellen’s sofa, Mila turns her cheek in awkwardness. All in all, the whole thing is absolutely adorable.

Watch the video below to find out how Mila’s mother broke the bad news to her daughter and how the little one’s priceless reaction came about. You’ll definitely laugh out loud (or perhaps even cringe). If you’ve loved this video, or are a fan of the famous Adam Levine, be sure to share it with your friends and family.