But unfortunately, kids are not always kind and bullying runs rampant in schools. For children who happen to be different in one way or another, attending school can be a terrifying prospect. The effects of bullying last well into adulthood and bullying not only negatively affects future educational and career prospects, but has long-term social effects.

A young man in England named Musharaf, or Mushy, had always struggled with his stutter. Not only did it prevent him from being able to stand and speak in front of his classmates, but he was bullied and had trouble making friends. At one point in his school career, he dreaded attending classes so much that his attendance rate dropped to 34%. Then, one of his teachers had an idea inspired by the movie “The King’s Speech”. He suggested that Mushy listen to music while he spoke to distract his brain. The teacher didn’t truly expect it to work, but it did!

Mushy ended up giving a speech that left everyone surprised—watch it below! Don’t forget to like and share this inspiring story!