But sometimes, things don’t always go according to plan. On special occasions, we wish we could be surrounded by everyone we absolutely adore, and when that wish cannot come true, it’s quite a sad and somber time. Many, however, try to make the most out of any bad situation—which is exactly what this 17-year-old girl, named Sierra Bradway did when she had to experience her high school prom sans her father, a former police officer who had sadly passed away.

She decided that she would have her prom photographs taken beside her father’s grave at the Indianapolis’s Crown Hill Cemetery. Little did she know, that her fathers coworkers were going to be there, standing in for her father. They had arrived with smiles on their faces and pure pride in their hearts.

“Honored to be included in Sierra’s prom,” wrote Chief Bryan Roach on Twitter. “As our beloved fallen brother #OfficerRodBradway would say, ‘have Sierra home before 9P, sir!’”

Surely, Sierra’s curfew was extended by an hour or two for the big event! But either way, her prom day turned into quite an extraordinary event that she will definitely remember forever.

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