The young girl in question explained to the officer that she had attempted to steal a $2 pair of shoes for her five-year-old sister because her and her family were extremely poor and unable to buy it themselves. The tears streamed down her face as the remorse came through, and for that reason, the officer asked the young girl where she lived so that together, they could both visit her parents.

As they approached the home, that was in a dark and rough part of town, officer Milton got to talking with the family and realized that this young girl need not be punished for her crime. In fact, he decided that he would go above and beyond to help this family in need. Which is why he bought them dinner and gave them a few items that they really needed. Additionally, he, and the rest of his coworkers, began a Facebook page to raise funds and essentials for the family and this page did unbelievably well.

Thanks to the help of officer Milton and the rest of the team, this family now has a comfortable place to sleep, food in their fridge, and clothes. What a truly amazing act of kindness this is!

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