The story you’re about to hear is a way in which to highlight this support. It sheds light onto the sheer beautifulness of humans and the way in which we have the ability to come together and help those in need. And it surrounds two six-month-old Haitian twins, Marian and Michelle Bernard.

These twins were born joined at the abdomen and for that reason, they shared a liver. But in order for them both to survive, they needed to be separated. This was tricky because an operation of that nature had not yet been done in Haiti and it was one that could very easily lead to one or two fatalities. Did that stop Dr. Henri Ford and his team from doing the best possible job? Not one bit!

They gathered as many talented surgeons as they could and persisted to pray before the big operation. Then, they got to work. Amazingly, the operation was a success and the two twins were able to go home two weeks later to lead their own two separate lives.

Watch the video below to see the entire story. Isn’t it truly amazing? If you agree, be sure to share it with your family and friends.