Of course, your parents are important figures in your life, they’re your parents. They see those times through a different, adult lens. Chances are that the only one who experienced those times with you on the same level are your siblings.

That’s not to say that all sibling relationships are perfect. Chances are you fought with your siblings just as much as you played. As adults, you may still bicker and fight, even though the subjects are different. But, they will always be your siblings and nothing can take that away.

The little boy in this video is at the very beginning of his sibling journey. In his arms, he holds the little girl that will be perhaps be the closest person to him as they grow up together. So, he sings her a very special song that he chose himself, “You Are So Beautiful”. It’s an incredibly sweet moment. Let’s just hope he still feels that way when she’s breaking his toys and getting him in trouble.

Watch this adorable brother sing to his baby sister in the video below. And don’t forget to like and share this beautiful moment.