They’ve dubbed themselves, The Laryngospasms, and the great performance took place at the Minneapolis School of Anesthesia student Christmas party in 1990. Wearing their scrubs and holding their microphones, they began singing a parody of Neil Sedaka’s song, “Breaking Up Is Hard To Do”. Their title? “Waking Up Is Hard To Do”. In it, they sing about the joys of anaesthetics and the act of waking up after a procedure.

The song is not only cleverly adapted but the performance that the five guys put on is enough to get anyone laughing! This just goes to show that even the most serious of people can find humour and have a great time! Next nurse’s appointment? Crack a joke! They might be pleasantly surprised!

Watch the viral performance below! If this video has tickled your fancy, or perhaps you’ve got a doctor or nurse friend, share it! It’ll surely bring a smile to anyone’s face as well as a good old-fashioned giggle.