The act starts with one of the men grabbing Eddie Perfect, one of the TV judges’s shoe. Eddie greets the men with, “Obviously, it’s not a great time to talk to you,” as he notices the red tape slapped across their faces.

They they perform a series of acts pertaining to the shoe that cause many, including the famous American singer-songwriter/actress/fashion designer, Kelly Osbourne, to laugh out loud while being generally quite amazed.

The part that blew many away though? The moment the trio remove the red tape that was plastered over their lips for the entire act. How so? You’ll have to watch the mesmerising and clever video below to find out. Hint: it’s at around 2:22!

After watching the impressive act, let us know your thoughts in the comments. Is this act worth the standing ovation it received? Or do you think magic is not really a noteworthy art form? Either way, if you have loved this magic trick, be sure to share the video with your family and friends.

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