Veteran bus driver Teresa Stroble was en route with a bus full of students when she heard 2 ninth graders yell that they see smoke. As soon as she heard this, she evacuated all 56 students out of the bus in under one minute—now that’s something incredible. After she took the students a safe distance away from the bus, she got in touch with the transportation services to call 911.

The bus burst into flames shortly after Teresa moved the students to safety and firefighters came in to contain the fire minutes later.

Teresa’s heroic act was appreciated throughout the nation. Not only did the school board praise her immensely for being so quick on her feet and for saving 56 lives, but there were tweets going around on Twitter commending her for all her efforts. And we’re sure the parents/guardians of each of these students can’t be thankful enough. Kudos to the two students as well, who deducted the danger before the situation got out of hand.

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