There are so many wonderful performances given on the show every year, but one that stood out for sure from The Farewell Season was that of Jason Castro. This young and talented singer has the ability to hit all the notes with perfection, so you know that he was going to do justice to Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” when he decided to take the stage.

There’s almost an eery silence in the room as he fills the auditorium with his powerful voice and Leonard’s lyrics. You can tell from Jason’s face that he’s fully submersed in the performance and is really enjoying himself while singing—that smile at the end says it all. Or he can also be smiling because the crowd erupts into loud applause as soon as he’s done! You can tell from the reaction of the crowd that everyone in the room was in love with the magic Jason was able to weave that night.

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In the meantime, click on the video and watch Jason in action. Don’t forget to like and share it with family and friends, and all the Leonard Cohen fans as well!

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