So, if you told me that a girls’ choir group planned to sing and perform the song, I would be skeptical, at best. However, that’s exactly what happened. The Frensham Madrigals are an extremely accomplished choir, having won the Youth Sacred Choral Award and the Youth Chamber Choir sections of the Sydney Elsteddfod John Lamble Foundation Australian Choral Championship for Youth Choirs, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they could take on Queen. But, they did, and their version is pretty amazing.

Watch as a group of girls in their conservative blazers, ties, and simple shoes perform a haunting and brilliantly arranged version of “Bohemian Rhapsody”. The song lends itself well to a group, and the girls blend their voices perfectly and take the opportunity to highlight the most dramatic points in the song and showcase their own unique talents.

Not only are they perfectly in tune, but they bring an energy and an emotional understanding well beyond their apparently young years as the group transitions smoothly from the more melodic parts to the upbeat rhythmic portions. Their spine-tingling performance is sure to delight and bring back memories of a much-loved song.

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