But how often does that happen? I want to say not as often as I’d like, and a lot of other adults can relate. As we grow older, there are many other responsibilities and duties we have to look after, or think about, and many of these thoughts can keep us up into the late hours of the night. Regardless of how hard you try to keep those stressful thoughts out of your head before bed, they almost always come creeping back in. And this can ruin your sleep.

So, have you ever thought what you can do differently in your daily routine that can help you sleep better? Do you need some ideas? Tune into the video below and see how you can improve your sleep by making minor changes to your surroundings and habits.

For example, experts say that you should turn off all your screens 90 minutes before bed time. The blue light omitted from cellphones and tablets impedes the production of sleep-inducing hormones. But that’s not all!

Tune into the video below and check out all the tips and tricks to help you get better sleep. Share this with family and friends if you found it at all helpful!

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