If you said “watching videos of dogs” then you’re 100% correct! But they’re not any videos, they’re ones with dogs wearing glasses. Have we got your attention yet? James says that they really just like to sit around, watch these videos of dogs wearing sunglasses, and think “what’s he gonna do?”

After a small performance by a live band, that’s literally singing the lyrics “dogs with sunglasses” in a very catchy tune, James begins showing pictures of various dogs sporting glasses and telling you exactly what he thinks of the types of things that particular dog is in to.

If you want a good laugh, then this video is definitely for you to watch! Our favorite dog has to be the one who’s going to be throwing the best BBQ that we’ve ever been too!

Watch James go through the list of dogs in the video below and tell us which one is your favorite! Don’t forget to like and share it with family and friends and give everyone a laugh!