The original film, starring the talented Angela Lansbury, is officially 25 years old, and what has she done to celebrate that fact? She’s given a stunning repeat of the song, “Tale As Old As Time”, for a crowd of theatre-goers. She stands beautifully in front of the microphone, and sings the song as if there weren’t a care in the world—and the crowd sincerely loved her for it!

The video was uploaded in September 2016, and at that time, Lansbury was 90 years old. Did she look it? Absolutely not! To be honest, she looks as vivacious and youthful as she did 25 years prior, whilst playing the part of Mrs.Potts in the original “Beauty and the Beast” film. Listening to this classic once again will most definitely give you chills up your spine and a smile across your face!

So, if you’re a fan of the film, or have sincerely loved seeing Lansbury in action click on the link below to watch her work magic on stage once again. Be sure to share this stunning video with your family and friends.