But what if you had a set of crew members like the guy in the video below? I think he’s the perfect example of an employee who really does just more than his job. And mind you, he’s having a lot of fun doing it! Zach Haumesser rose to instant fame after his Looney Tunes impression announcement went viral. And it did so for all the right reasons!

As a part-time puppeteer, Zach decides that it would be more fun to make his landing announcement in various Looney Tunes characters’ voices, and he nailed them all! He mimmicks Tweety Bird, Bugs Bunny, and Porky Pig. But notice that the passengers get the biggest kick out of his impression of the Tasmanian Devil. Now who wouldn’t want to be on this flight to see Zach live in action?

But you don’t have to miss out! Click one the video below and watch this ideal employee go through the entire speech in Looney Tunes characters’ impressions. Don’t forget to like and share this story to spread some laughter, and have everyone look forward to their next flight!