Joanie is one of those people who turned to Chris from “The Makeover Guy” and asked for a little bit of help. Her biggest issue?—her hair! Joanie, like many of us, started with very long and thick hair which eventually started thinning from the top. So she wanted a change but also wanted to maintain a flirty look with her hair. So what solution do these guys come up with? Well for that, I think it’s best to watch the entire video below!

But what I can do it give you a bit of a run down on how they transformed Joanie into a new her: The experts thought that it would be best to reduce the length of her hair. They thought it was more important for her to have volume as opposed to the long locks, so they chopped off a good amount of hair from the bottom. Then to add a little of depth to the look, they went in with red highlights. And how does Joanie look after these two BIG changes? Different and absolutely amazing—check it out for yourself!

Click on the link below to see Joanie’s full transformation—make up and all. Share this video with family and friends if you enjoyed it!