At 32-weeks pregnant however, her doctors made the terrible diagnosis that Ashley was suffering from a rare form of stage 4 cancer. And because of her pregnancy, she was unable to consider chemotherapy or any other kind of strong treatment. For that reason, the doctors induced labour at 33 weeks, and Ashley gave birth to a beautiful and healthy boy, Harley.

Ashley then began treatment, but at that stage, the cancer had spread to her brain, liver, and both of her lungs. Ashley and her family began preparing for the worst, taking photos for little Harley so that he could remember his mother for ever. Just then, everything changed.

Ashley went for yet another one of her treatments and it was discovered that all of the cancer had disappeared. She was told that she would be able to live a full life, but with one negative side effect—she wouldn’t be able to fall pregnant again. Was this the case? Given Ashley’s track record and her will to live and fight, absolutely not! She went on to have a second beautiful baby two years later… and then a third!

Well isn’t that a true miracle? Lots of thanks are given to the medical staff who managed to give Ashley the life that she truly deserves.

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