27-year-old Cassandra De Pecol from Connecticut has become the first female to ever visit each Sovereign State, and that too in the fastest time ever. This amazing journey around the world is called Expedition196 and she broke this Guinness World Record  while traveling as an Ambassador for Peace for the International Institute for Peace Through Tourism. Now how amazing is that?

Cassandra had already visited 181 countries by July 2015 and actually managed to complete her visit to the remaining 14 countries in the the 40 days that followed. That means she’s been to all 196 countries in the world! As unbelievable as it may sound, this woman, we’re sure, had a great experience delving into all the beautiful cultures in the world.

She started off in Palau and trekked the world from there. She didn’t mountain skiing, petting lions and tigers, swimming in hot springs—you name it and it’s been done!

Want to see Cassandra’s journey around the globe? Tune into the images below to see what she was up to while she was away from home!

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Article source: boredpanda.com.