5-Year-Old Jocelyn Rojas was playing in her front yard when she was abducted by a stranger. He lured the innocent little girl by promising her ice cream, then snatched her up and put her in the car. As soon as it became obvious that Jocelyn had been snatched, police were called and nearly 100 first responders canvassed the neighborhood looking for the little girl, the kidnapper, and his suspicious vehicle.

When they heard of the abduction, Temar and Chris, two 15-year-old boys from Jocelyn’s neighborhood set out on their bikes to search. Then, they spotted a vehicle that was obviously trying to avoid detection and roadblocks. The brave young men chased down the car on their bikes. When the kidnapper realized that the two boys knew who he was, he got spooked and actually let little Jocelyn out of the car.

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