She then noticed that 3 employees came out of the drive through and piled on top of each other to give her a big hug. She had no idea what was happening, but quickly snapped a couple of pictures (see below). It turns out that the woman was having an incredibly hard day because her 37-year-old husband had just passed away! What An incredible act of kindness by these employees!

Now isn’t that something that really touches your heart and reinvigorates your faith in humanity? Imagine how good these men probably made the woman feel by just lending ears to listen and showing a small gesture of care and kindness. A little goes a long way.

The woman waiting for her food decided to take this photo when she noticed something happening in the window.
Source: Barbara Danner

These 3 employees bent down and gave the 37-year-old woman in the car a hug because her husband had recently passed away and she was going through a lot of hardships.

Source: Barbara Danner

What an incredible story! We need more acts of kindness like this in our lives!

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