As crazy as it may sound, people often do fight over sharing food. But did you ever think that a toddler and his little puppy would also be stuck in the same situation? We definitely didn’t think so, but that’s exactly what the video below is all about. Not a pup stealing fries, but a pup stealing what seems to be this little boy’s favorite snack.

The video starts with the little boy trying to snatch his snack out of the dog’s mouth. Once he’s successfully put up a forceful fight, the boy is just about to put the snack in his mouth when the dog makes another attempt to grasp it! The toddler again puts up a struggling fight for his biscuit and once again prevails.

But, unfortunate for him, not for long. The pup’s third and final attempt to snatch the treat is successful as he pretty much swallows the cookie whole! And to his dismay, the baby starts to cry. What is hilarious is that the dog actually begins to express sympathy to the baby! Just as the toddler begins to cry, the dog joins in and begins to howl.

This actually has to be one of the cutest things we’ve seen in a while.

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