Veterans often don’t get the respect they deserve after retirement. For someone who has spent so much time serving their country and keeping everyone safe, it’s justified to ensure that they love a healthy and happy life after retirement.

Unfortunately for many people, they don’t get to live a comfortable life after retirement but there’s always hope for help and positivity from good samaritans—like the one this veteran came across at the store. When an elderly customer’s card kept getting declined, he knew that he had to help  him out. And what inspired him most? His veteran’s hat.

The customer was paying with his credit card when he couldn’t remember the pin on it. After attempting numerous times, the cashier named Jacob Wittman pulled out his own card and helped the elderly veteran complete his transaction. The man looked at Jacob all confused and asked if he had paid for his bill of $20, to which Jacob answered, “Yes sir I did and you don’t owe me a dime”.

Now how heartwarming is that? Jacob’s kind deed didn’t go unnoticed as his story went viral all over the internet in mere hours! His story was shared on Facebook page Love What Matters, and today he’s a hero. Well deserved!

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Article source: LittleThings.