This grandpa is his grandson’s biggest cheerleader—and no, that’s no joke! The family says that grandpa wouldn’t ever miss anything that the boy took part in. It could be a school recital, a game, or a banquet—you bet grandpa will be there cheering him on. But things didn’t go as planned when he had to go in for a diabetes-related surgery right before his grandson’s senior prom.

The boy’s father recalls that his grandfather wanted to make sure that grandma got a chance to see his grandson before he took off for what is a teenager’s most exciting day! All the grandpa wanted in return was a picture of how his grandson would look—he wasn’t allowed out of the hospital just yet, so he figured that a photo would do.

But he didn’t know that the entire family had something else in mind. Grandpa’s beloved grandson pays him a visit, and brings a special guest! Or should we say, HIS special guest? Yes, you guessed it right—grandpa not only got a chance to meet his grandson before prom, but also his date!

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