And they’ve been true to their vows since. Despite of facing loads of criticism, because they were the first couple with Down Syndrome, to get married, the two have stuck it out with each other ever since they first met, and then married in U.K. in 1995.

Maryanne had been ecstatic to have met Tommy from the very first day, and so when her mother Linda received backlash for supporting her daughter’s marriage, she didn’t pay much heed to what anyone had to say, mainly because it was really their decision. So dressed in a beautiful white gown, and sparkling tiara, the bride walked the aisle to her groom—and Tommy couldn’t have been more eager to see her.

Tommy and Maryanne recently celebrated their 22nd marriage anniversary together, putting to rest any and all speculations surrounding the bond that they share. Maryanne’s sister, Lindi, has been so inspired by their love, that she set up a Facebook page that covers their story—and it’s been getting a whole lot of positive attention!

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