The man in the video below decides to throw 23 buckets of fish food into the water to experience the excitement of feeding that comes with the fish. And the results? Absolutely amazing! You can easily see how eager the fish are to gobble up all the food as soon as first bucket is thrown in.

But to see all those fish graze the surface of the water by the end of the 23rd bucket is seriously something else. Such an interesting site!

Look carefully at the how the fish are trying to collect as many morsels of food as possible before the others quickly nibble on the opportunity of food. Imagine what would happen if the man decided to throw more than 23 buckets into the water. I’m sure entire surface of the ocean would be full of little fish mouths.

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In the mean time, click on the video and see the ultimate fish feeding experience for yourself! Share it with family and friends and give them something interesting to watch!